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In the world of international logistics, we offer robust IOR/EOR services in Afghanistan that ensure faster and easier importing/exporting worldwide.

Our extensive understanding of the global trade community lets us effectively manage and supervise your import and export operations. As we act as your IOR/EOR, we are responsible for your simplified shipment clearance process. We ensure compliance with all import and export regulations to avoid costly trade compliance penalties.

With the virtue of our IOR/EOR solutions, you can expand your import/export business across the border without the impediment of establishing legal entities in each country you want to operate. You can get your import/export of goods done without any hassle, paperwork, or fretting about costs. Leave your custom responsibilities to us and focus on your core business.

Being your IOR/EOR, we are responsible for:


  • preparing your shipping documents

  • filing specific declarations with various government agencies

  • applying for necessary import/export licenses or permits

  • maintaining all records pertaining to custom clearance

  • ensuring compliance of the destination/source country regulations

  • paying all taxes and duties upon international trade

  • providing warehousing solutions

  • repair and return services

  • shipment status reports
Our reliable IOR/EOR services in Afghanistan empower you to carry out your shipment and international trade successfully. Choose us as your customs broker to have your goods in and out of the country without any worry and grow your business.





Shar-e-Now, Haji Yaqoob Square

Kabul, Afghanistan.

Call : +93 79 444 4493

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